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pirates the have nots taking from the haves

Posted by justjoe on 15th October 2006

Perhaps a second look at pirates can in many ways help us to understand where we are headed as a nation and world if we do not use our skills, talents, laws and sense of fair play to even the political playing field dominated by corporations and special interests.

If we can not come together collectively for the sake of all rather than continuing to pander to the few who control the resources in hopes that they will share we may all be relegated to Piracy and I am not so sure that is a bad thing.

“Pirates practiced the same egalitarian principles as the Founding Fathers and displayed pioneering spirit in exploring new territory and meeting the native peoples, said Jason Acosta, who did the research for his thesis in history at the University of Florida.”

“Blackbeard and Ben Franklin deserve equal billing for founding democracy in the United States and New World, a new University of Florida study finds.”

For the complete article go to the following link http://snipurl.com/z154

Another great article on pirates is a lecture by Prof Marcus Rediker author of Villains of All Nations: Atlantic Pirates in the Golden Age. Villains of All Nations explores the ‘Golden Age’ of Atlantic piracy (1716-1726) http://snipurl.com/z173 note the links in red to play his lecture.

He exposes the tyrannical one eyed peg legged pirate myth and presents a multi-racial, ethnic egalitarian individual who steals from the rich rather than the theft by aristocratic, governmental agencies from the poor through laws and contracts that leave the majority of people destitute and abused. (Sound familiar).

I have spent a lot of time with earth cultures and grew up on small family farms and agree that pirates were in many respects about returning to a more natural state of existence of self determination (though Piracy seems a bit extreme). Certainly this insane demand for more stuff and less humanity can not continue without terrible consequences.

Another article by Jason Godesky http://snipurl.com/z196 sites Hakim Bey In his classic essay, “The Temporary Autonomous Zone ,” offering an explanation that really reaches pretty deep and illuminates how really close we are to our past and are but a chapter in an never ending story that must lead to a world that is more tribal or earth culture based in the sense that we experience the world rather than trying to conquer it.

I really must share with you how amazing a thing it is to walk across a continent as I did in 1993 in Australia with Native American Indians and Aboriginal People in Australia and with the Maori people in New Zealand or in 1994 and again in 1996 with Native American Indian people from the West Coast to the East Coast. Each day was new and fresh in the weather, community, and the songs and stories and sharing that found its place in my life. It is something to view the world as it unfolds without haste or desire of things but rather the joy of the moment unhurried.

I will be always indebted to the first nations for there caring, sharing and trust. If you have not visited with people of the first nations with a desire to learn you have not lived. There is little we can teach them and everything about living on our earth to be learned no matter what part of the earth you live on.

This really is perhaps what Pirates were for the most part about. I would hope some day in the near future we would each take a path that is free of conspiring upon our fellow human but more collaborating in good fellowship. I fear if we do not there is a dismal future for us all and our future generations.


Joe (aargh)

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