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We lost the day we choose aggression

Posted by justjoe on September 27th, 2004

This is a letter I wrote to an old new found friend in response to a letter from a pvc marine who supports George Bush with a mindful of anecdotal nonsense that I will not repeat. I really want to be about educational politics (conclusion based on fact). There is way to much at stake.

Hello John

Well we are I see on opposite sides of this issue. For myself the univestigated “crime” of 911 was just that a crime, not an act of war by some other nation. Unfortunately the rule of law and convention was thrown out to facilitate for some the mob rule of revenge to which the first casuality is ever and always the truth. Just as with Viet Nam it begins with not one but a series of lies leaving this young man distant from a real conversation.

The truth is 58,295 young soldiers lost their lives in Viet Nam, around 3 million Vietnamese were slaughtered with Weapons of Mass Destruction (and we call Saddam Hussein a butcher) which created greate profits for manufacturers and purveyors of those weapons. Countless are the injured and maimed on both sides and the beat goes on.

I could go on with the destruction of fledgling democracies since world war II by the CIA coups and interventions, the first of which was Iran in 1953 followed by Guatamale and Chile in 1954, El Salvador and on and on. For what? The multinational corporation profits such as Dole fruit or GE, or Rand or Westinghouse, and now of course Haliburton, Brown and Root and so on. Of course now it is even more apparent and yet we either through fear or blood lust stay blind to the truth that we are being played for fools for the profits of others.

Teddy Rossevelt a great republican was quoted as saying:

“To announce that there should be no criticism
of the president, or that we are to stand by the president,
right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile,
but is morally treasonable to the American people.”

to which I say Amen

We lost the day we choose aggression and I don’t just mean the conflict, but our Nation, It’s purpose, It’s being, It’s soul and It’s survival. No matter how powerful you and others might feel we are, the world in which we live will not suffer our arrogance much longer. George Bush’s father told him not to do this, Gen. Norman Swartzkropf, was on CBS warning of terrible consequences if he did this, Brent Skocroft said no and on the list goes and now if you compare the reports from journalists in Iraq they report the exact opposite of what Bush/Cheney and company will report.

Well this is my country and I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America and my Senate race is my effort as a veteran to try and bring it back from the Abyss of ignorance and blind allegiance that so many are willing to apply themselves. Democracy and secrecy are incompatible and an unquestioning, servile citizenry is the real threat to our country. We have followed the traditional themes of going to war:

1. Theorize

2. Demonize

3. Victimize

4. Rationalize

Which is where we are now. All of the Theorys have proven false and I mean all of them. Through the demonizing process we have victimized 10’s of thousand of women and children with death and maiming to the point where we are no better than the desease that existed before we went into Iraq.

What is even worse we will now probably be there for decades by which time Saddam would have been dead. Had we stayed and we would have lost no lives nor killed anyone and maybe we could have built better schools or health care programs for the 45 million who have no health care, just to name two programs and we would not have our civil liberties being assailed at every turn.

I could go on but I tire. Please do not fall sway to this neo-con agenda of destroying our country.



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