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Ethics of War or the lack of

Posted by justjoe on September 22nd, 2004

War rages our children are dying, being maimed in a foreign land and the children of another nation are being slaughtered because we still embrace war much more readily than we do peace. How sad , we spend so much time in our houses of worship talking about peace , while the reality is we do very little of substance to bring that about.

What is truly offensive with the present conflict in Iraq is that it is one of a long list of conflicts to which we assign the term war, while in reality war has never been declared. Not since World War II has this nation declared war and rightly so, for it has had no legitimate grounds on which to do so. Instead , what we have done is illegally consigned our children and resources to acts of aggression upon other nations completely contrary to those international conventions and treaties to which we are author and party to.

I hope you will read the following excerpts from the book “an encyclopedia of war and affects”for we as a nation are in desperate need of perspective.

“War is an ethical problem because it obligates us to do abroad what would be illegal and immoral at home” http://snipurl.com/9trg

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