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Casualties of War

Posted by justjoe on January 17th, 2006

Throughout history War has always served up devastating consequences, that most of us are unfamiliar with, beyond the loss of family and friends . This is primarily due to lack of education and understanding or personal involvment with that act.

The following quote comes from Ivan Eland the Director for Center On Peace & Liberty at the Independent Institute in Oakland Ca.


“Unwilling to even discuss whether the U.S.’s interventionist foreign policies (particularly in the Middle East) might be factors in causing the new security threats, Washington has unilaterally declared that the new terrorist war must be a global war without end, with no clear objectives, no clearly identifiable enemy, no specified geographical area, and no clear strategy. The enemy is not on some front, does not have invading armies, navies and air forces, and since we are now all under government surveillance, apparently it could be any of us. In the fight against such a different kind of enemy, which may pose a more challenging threat for an open society to battle, could the “best defense is a good offense” doctrine in the U.S. national security strategy be exactly the wrong policy to pursue?”

Please take the time to read the full article and enjoy the many other opportunities to become better informed and educated. Your life really does depend upon it.

Additional Info: The book “The Empire Has No Clothes” by Ivan Eland


In The Empire Has No Clothes, Ivan Eland, a leading expert on U.S. defense policy and national security, examines American military interventions around the world from the Spanish-American War to the invasion of Iraq.

The Empire Has No Clothes offers a powerful and persuasive critique of recent U. S. foreign policy. It deserves the thoughtful attention of conservatives and liberals alike—indeed, of all Americans disturbed by the imperial pretensions evident in Washington since the end of the Cold War.”
ANDREW J. BACEVICH, Professor of International Relations, Boston University

For further study go to the Independent Institute at:


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