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Lt. Ehren Watada, The Constitution and the Rule of Law

Posted by justjoe on 22nd December 2007

For those of you who may not know of Lt. Ehren Watada please go to www.thankyoult.org

I present this case to you as an example of how one person standing on constitutional principle can change the direction our nation is going and bring the balance needed to correct our course. It is that catalytic action and clear thinking coupled with citizen support that can change the course of events.

Lt. Watada’s stand has helped to clarify for me the strength and character of the “Constitution of the United States of America” and it’s place in the debates that are raging.

I will be dedicating the rest of my posts to the Constitution of the United States of America as an educational series for all of us and would like to start with an excellent reading of the Declaration of Independence that was the defining document leading up to the formation of our country.


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David Crosby 70's

Posted by justjoe on 22nd December 2007

Just a great song. Enjoy

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Limbaugh a disgrace to humanity

Posted by justjoe on 22nd December 2007

What is even more disgraceful is that anyone would listen to the corporate self serving dribble this Limbaugh guy serves up while real Americans serve over and over and over and over again giving life and limb.

Here is Rushes phoney soldier commentary (sad coming from a man who never served) followed by those who have served.

Maj. General Ret. John Batiste – commenting on the man who never served

Brian McGough – Iraq war Veteran

Thomas Young – Iraq War Veteren

Iraq War Vets vs. Rush who had college deferments and just did not want to serve

The final word from Rush on his “Phoney Soldier” commentary.

For the sake of fox channel this is what “Fair and Balanced” looks like.

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Thank you Center for American Progress

Posted by justjoe on 22nd December 2007

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