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14th Amendment and We the People, ALL OF US

Posted by justjoe on 12th February 2012

Here is a Series of very compelling videos on the 14th Amendment of the Constitution Of the United States of America.

Words Have Meaning


Kirsten Strough




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WAR – Vietnam – My Lai Massacre

Posted by justjoe on 9th March 2011

In the midst of a war crime called Vietnam where millions were massacred with weapons of mass destruction in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos a brief moment of sane reasoning prevails. One such moment in the hamlet of My Lai Vietnam descended from the sky in the form of a helicopter gun ship piloted by Hugh Thompson.

This is his story

film footage from the documentary

part I




Hugh Thompson passed away in 2006 and a foundation was established to continue his legacy of standing up for Justice. Please support this effort.


Final Word

As a Vietnam Veteran wrestling with the utter insanity of this conflict, those that preceded it, to the present day slaughter of people, their cultures, lands, resources and other life relations I am left resolute in the following:

  1. 10,000 years of city state, empire society’s are run by predominately 8 year old male children that got big but never grew up.
  2. Until the women and especially the grandmothers are held in the highest regard both in our homes and high councils the 8 year olds will never truly grow up and the insanity continues.

Humanity has precious little time left to resolve this brain dead approach to being. Neither “We the People”, the plant life or the animal life will survive this much longer.

Perhaps we need to set up a small part of some desert for folks that wish to kill each other, give them a canteen of water and let them go hand to hand in some personal combat. I would leave them there until they demonstrated a willingness to put aside their violent intent and live in a peaceful way among the rest of humanity.

OK simplistic? Yes.

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Posted by justjoe on 22nd February 2010

“Until lions tell their tale,

the story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter”

African Proverb

To “establish justice” both sides of the story must be told.  The link below is just one of many such storys that we all must learn to become “Just human beings”


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Posted by justjoe on 28th October 2009

Jamie Leigh Jones – KBR Gang Rape Keith Olberman Countdown

Jamie Leigh Jones – KBR Gang Rape ABC 20/20 Report

Senator Al Franken attempting to address the gang rape of Jaimie Lee Jones a KBR employee in Iraq in 2005

Ed Schultz MSNBC – Republicans are Defending Rapist’s and Sexism

The Young Turks

Republicans Oppose Al Franken’s Law on Protecting Victims of Gang Rape


30 Republican Senators voted against Al Frankens’ anti-rape amendment



Support Jaimie’s efforts to stop



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Voter Suppression Neal Boortz style

Posted by temp on 21st June 2009

On June 15th 2009 Neal Boortz proposed the following:

  1. “Nobody living in Section 8 housing should be allowed to vote”.
  2. “If you’re Elderly and living in Section 8 housing you’ve don a piss-poor job of planning your life, no vote for you”.
  3. “Every damn one of these cities is a blue city, I’ll guaran-damn-tee you, meaning mostly Democrat”.
  4. “So you bulldoze it, and you disperse a bunch of Obama voters”.
  5. “It has great political future ramifications for the Republicans——hehehehe”.

You will find this about 3.4 minutes into the clip

Section 8 Housing?

Here is a great explanation of Section 8 Housing from www.howstuffworks.com at http://money.howstuffworks.com/personal-finance/real-estate/section-8-housing.htm

and from another great website www.ted.com


I am left cold to the fact that in America such “Hurray for me the hell with you” folks have such an overpowering influence on the public discourse with no accountability or transparency to the fact that this is the top 5% “haves” mouthpiece using the “commons” (our public airwaves and infrastructure to attempt to crush the 95% “have nots” into complete destitution. They do this by attempting to control the policy making structure starting with the Town Clerk to the President, Military and Civil Servants of We the People.

The most sacred, important and vital part of our Republic is the security of our elections. Along with the bourgeoning prison populations in which the voter of this nation is lost, the illegal interference by 5 members of the US Supreme court in suspending elections in florida, thus a coup d’état, the electronic voting irregularities and unverifiability and now a spoken effort to push aside the poor.

This effort is sumed up below in the next clip on a speach given by Paul Weyrich the founder of the Heritage Foundation that is dedicated to destroying America by eliminating “Good Government” or the Goo-Goo affect.

 Well we are now destitute as a nation because of these sentiments that move people to some false sense of rightous indignation against there neighbors and friends. The sad truth is we fall sway to the “Those People” conversations and a state of disregard to the Constitution which is about Justice for all. Social, Civil, Economic, Environmental and Criminal Justice or we might best recognize these civil society requirments as “fair play”.

When we buy into and act upon such retoric Paul Weyrich, Neal Boortz and others espouse, which is really nothing but hate speach ,the end result is we all get dragged down. Presently America is like a football game being played without the rule book, the end result is a Hatchett fight. Our rule book is the Constitution of the United States of America, the Supreme Law of the Land. It is for me an “all for one and one for all” cooperative of compassion and community.

Witness the affects of hate base politics:

“US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive” by Tom Leonard in Flint Michigan http://www.telegraph.co.uk


What are the first three words to the Constitution

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"Education is the death to mental slavery"

Posted by justjoe on 16th January 2009

“Education is the death of mental slavery” said Henrietta Wells according to Jurnee Smollett the actress who portrayed Miss Wells in the movie “The Great Debaters”. If you have not seen this movie it is a must.

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Posted by justjoe on 5th April 2008

Students at a high school in the Bronx, who had no real interest in their government, have found new hope.

Maybe the youth of this world can led us out of our stuff to a world of peace and caring a sharing

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Countdown – Keith Olbermann Educates Bush on Vietnam

Posted by justjoe on 28th November 2006

Thanks Keith but I fear the lights may be on but nobody is home.

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